Aug 9, 2013

It Never Fails

The following situation explains why men need to be careful about who they lay down with, because some of these women are downright foul. Read On:
Hello GFCAV (Grown Folks Conversation, Adult Version), I have a question----
My baby daddy just lost his job 2 months ago, now he can't pay me my child support. So every time he come to see our twin sons (who is 3) I charge him $1.00 per minute. Yep, that's right I sure do! And What?? This nigga gotta pay me to see his sons. If he want them overnight he gotta pay $75. He still be coming to see our boys, but not as often. I feel like he needs to be punished for losing his job and I want my money regardless. He call himself showing up at my door crying tears because he miss his sons, talkin about he putting in apps everday and please let him see his babies. Im like "oh well nigga, you either gonna pay up or miss out". I don't give a F**K about his relationship with my sons. My boys don't need no broke ass daddy. My new boyfriend will teach my babies to be real men, not some cryin ass punk. My question is this: How long should I wait before I report his ass for non-payment of child support. I need my damn loot!
My View: This story is all the ammunition I need NOT to lay down with a woman, because God forbid I'm in this situation, and I would hate to have to fight to see my children, based on unforeseen circumstances. Regardless of whether he lost his job or not, a father has the RIGHT to see his child(ren). For this woman to be so evil as to CHARGE him $1.00 per minute to see his children is dead wrong; I can't respect this, and no one with a brain would either. Getting punished for losing his job? She needs to be in a mental hospital, because something's obviously wrong with her. If the shoe was on the other foot, she would be begging for mercy (think Dwayne Wade's custody situation with his ex), and expect for him to cut her slack. Her new man lacks a spine because he's allowing this foolishness to continue. Call me crazy, but if I'm with a woman that won't let her child(ren)'s father spend time with his kid(s), I'm going to say something. Kids NEED their father in their lives, broke or not. Lack of proper guidance is why many boys end up dead or in prison, because they don't have a father to show them the way. I pray he doesn't knock her up, because she's going to do him the same way. This is what a few Facebookers had to say on this issue:
William Green Speechless,trash and poor excuse for a woman. Pimping out the boys and hurting the boys at the same time.She really has shit backwards and fucked up. Spending time with the boys is whats important,broke or not broke. You have many men spending the money,but NOT spending the time. Then wonder why their boys end up in prison or dead.No proper guidance. This so called new man of hers is worthless ass fuck to allow these type of actions to go on.Hopefully,he see her real character ans smart enough not to get her ass pregnant because she do him the same way.Dont blame it on not having a job.Just trifling! Damn!
Eletha Owens Excuse my French and rant, but this trifling, stupid B*TCH here is something else. I can see gold diggers like her a mile away...smh. This post shows her shows her true character. She only had those children because she saw money and meal tickets...smh. She could care less about what her ex is going through, how much he loves/misses his children, and how it pains him not to be able to provide for them the way he wants to. I'm sure there is a pro-bono legal agency out there that can help him fight for SOLE CUSTODY of his children because he is the one who should be raising them anyway. First of all, he needs to get DNA test to make sure those kids are his before he goes any further because she seems like a TRICK who will put a baby on the "highest bidder"...smh
Khrystle Nichole Oh wow! I hate when children are used as pawns in a dispute between parents. Ultimately she will be the one who the boys will grow to resent. While it can be frustrating to not have enough money to provide for your children, that shouldn't be taken out on the children or a man who is truly doing his best to provide for his children. I'm sure it's frustrating for him too. The funny thing is most of these women knew that man's financial status and earning potential before they laid down with him. He most likely has no more money than when she met him. But they seem to think that after they have babies with him that he will be able to miraculously make it rain. It's absurd. I think some of these women live in fantasyland.
Babette Glenn She ought to be charged a dime a second for ruining those boys lives. Their Dad, for whatever reason lost his job and she has the nerve to charge him to see his children and wants to put him up for child support. PEOPLE....PLEASE do not try this foolishness in your relationship with the mother of your children. You will be the one to get burned, just like she is. Her "new" boyfriend is soon to be her "old" one and there's no telling how many others she's going to run through before those boys turn 4.

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